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Customer Reflections of 2019

Each year we ask our FOX GROUP and 911 Tech Advisors clients to give us their concerns and thoughts about the communications technology sector. We use this information to provide some feedback to help shape how the tech sector can deliver products and services that will actually not only meet customer needs, but truly help transform their organizations.

A summary of their comments are provided below.

In spite of the numerous mergers, acquisitions and new entrants we have provided you with our top observations and challenges looking back to 2019.

Accelerated vendor changes in products and strategies, due to consolidations and mergers, is continuing to cause challenges for our clients as they try to evolve to next-generation communications. In some cases, these changes are happening faster than the contracts and solutions, whether enterprise, non-profit or NG9-1-1 sectors, can incorporate the appropriate modifications.

Clients face continuing challenges to develop UC architecture and migration plans that are implementable, and finding experienced vendors that actually have the skills, expertise and experience to design and deploy all of the elements, not just one piece.

Continued challenges expressed from our client’s IT departments to help their internal clients evolve their skills to enable them to actually use the next generation UC apps they have previously purchased. (does not only apply to baby boomers, but all generations).

IT/telecom/network departments are challenged to have the skills to deploy next generations communications solutions, particularly since most telecom resources have retired or have been pushed out of organizations. IT/network resources don’t ‘get’ telecom, and sometimes don’t have the ability to manage vendors and their service level agreements, whether cloud or premise-based solutions.

Net - We still need the industry to anti-up and fill the skills and resource gaps to help clients evolve their environments if they want to successfully grow their next-gen communications revenue from our pockets.

On behalf of the FOX GROUP Technology and 911 Tech Advisors teams, we wish you all much happiness, joy and success for the New Year.

We welcome your thoughts and feedback. Send your comments to or call 1.866.FOX.GROUP.

In our next blog, we will provide you with our clients wish list for 2020.

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