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Our Video Tips

Check out our growing library of episodes on YouTube at FOXGROUPTV.



Technology Education Videos on YouTube


We research and author whitepapers, keynote briefs and videos on next generation communications solutions.

We have put together a series of technology and industry educational videos to help educate and inform businesses about various emerging communications technologies. 

"UC End-User Profiles.....Getting UC Right"

This video is from a recent industry event where Roberta Fox presented a session on how to successfully design and implement UC solutions. 


Attendees were provided with an overview of how to develop UC profiles, and why they are important to ensure successful UC solutions.


The event was sponsored by BrantTel Networks.



What does Unified Communications Mean?


This video is the FOX GROUP definition of Unified Communications, involving voice, data and video applications integrated together.

Why have FOX GROUP professionals work with you?


We invest time, effort and money to keep up to date, bring our objective, neutral views to help clients develop effective technology strategies, RFPs, vendor selection and project management implementation in telecommunications, networking and contact centres.














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