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2019 will be a Journey with interesting Challenges and New Opportunities

In putting my thoughts together related to 2019 and beyond, I was struck by the massive shifts in many areas that have occurred not just in Canada and the US, but around the globe.

I try not to be a fatalist or even a person who likes to provide predictions for the future. I do however believe that it is important to share some of my thoughts to ensure CSC and its diverse customer base will be able to harness the appropriate solutions so they can survive and succeed in the future.

Challenge no. 1 – LAN/WAN network infrastructure investments are not keeping up

Many, if not most, of our clients across all sectors are struggling to get funds and internal resources required to upgrade, or replace, their behind the scenes infrastructure elements. This includes LAN, WAN, wiring elements as well as end user devices such as good quality headsets, microphones and cameras for high quality collaboration 1to1 experiences.

Without these upgrades or replacements, they cannot, or will not, be able to successfully move to adding high bandwidth applications in various types of next generation UC, AI or BI application solutions.

Advice Sound Byte - It is like suddenly turning on to a gravel road while driving a Ferrari. You will be able to get to your end destination, but you don’t know how long it will take you, or what parts of your expensive car will get damaged during the drive. In order to prevent this from happening, don’t forget to consider the communications foundations in your enhanced or next generation IT/communications projects!

Challenge no. 2 – The Cloud Journey is Getting Bumpy

Cloud solutions are moving forward, but with false perceptions related to true or real value, skills, resources and benefits that Cloud solutions can, or sometimes cannot, deliver.

Many vendors are telling clients of all size organizations and sectors that moving to cloud is the best way to go, will save money, and is ‘easy-peasy’. Some may recommend hybrid solutions. What most are NOT telling clients is that many of their organizations don’t have the infrastructure foundation of all elements, nor the skills and performance management tools required to manage cloud solutions and vendors.

Advice Sound Byte – Don’t forget the human factors including skills, expertise and change in management required by moving from internal IT environments to cloud solutions managed by vendors. It is a very different world in so many ways!

Challenge no. 3 – Marketing and Servicing Customer of 1

Times billions of humans and on-line devices. This is also a new challenge that is starting to emerge and will be a challenge for the communications technology sector. Business communications technology solutions, whether cloud, hybrid or on-premise finally have the ability to enable digital transformation in many unexpected areas. (As uncovered during our design and deployment of an award-winning national Omni-channel virtual contact center project for first national suicide prevention hotline that we designed and worked on during 2017/18.)

Advice Sound Byte – This is one of the new challenges that most of us haven’t developed the cross section of abilities for. The challenge will how to do it, do it well and make money…..let the games and learning begin!

Challenge no. 4 – New Rules, New game and New challenges for the Information Economy – Clients are struggling with how to provide access, manage and keep secure all the various types of information they create and need to access.

In addition, they are challenged with how to monitor and manage information intellectual property legal factors such as ownership, liability and risk across many more types of devices.

Most communications vendors can’t, don’t know how to, are afraid, or chose not to help customers develop strategies and solutions for the information economy, let alone the overwhelming fact that information is becoming the new currency and asset source.

Advice Sound Byte – This area will be one where many folks will stumble, fall or ever fail before they figure out how to succeed. This applies both to vendors or customers. Move cautiously forward and don’t rush!

Closing Thoughts – 2019 is a new year and a new frontier for the evolution of business communications

Traditional vendors will consolidate, evolve or disappear. New vendors will continue to enter the business communications space. Existing customers in all segments will have to learn how to leverage and deploy next generation communications solutions, or they themselves will be dramatically affected.

Remember, it is not your grandma’s telephone you are installing today – it is a unified communication solutions linked with many different systems and applications that provide amazing opportunities for how organization communicate and deliver products and services.

The skills, expertise, attitudes and knowledge will continue to change at an ever-increasing rate of how people communicate and work together.

The journey continues! The future may be hard to predict, but going forward with eyes wide open is not only possible, but essential for success.

We look forward to being helping ensure that your organization survives and succeeds!Feel free to contact us at to discuss further.

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