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What is keeping our customers awake at night for 2014?

At FOX GROUP we help enterprise and government clients develop strategies, as well as acquire and implement next generation communications technology including unified communications, telephony, network and contact center technologies. We also provide guidance to the industry on what products and services they should sell, bringing the customer voice so that the clients technology investments deliver real, sustainable positive business results….sort of like a customer advocate.

The last three years have found tremendous advances in telecommunications technologies as systems are moving from digital systems to IP-based, and now converging with IT applications such as email, presence and desktop video.

These solutions, once properly designed and installed have tremendous potential to improve how people communicate, disregarding location or type of device. From our own evolution to our third generation of IP-Based communications within FOX GROUP, we have found there are some potential issues that keep us awake worrying about our clients challenges in moving to next generation IP-based communications.

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