Commitment to our Clients, Ethics, Objectives and Approach

FOX GROUP Professionals - What makes us different?

FOX GROUP professionals bring a unique combination of technology expertise and experience in our respective technology and industry areas, combined with objective consulting processes, tools, practices and approaches to work WITH our clients.


We are proud of being long-standing trusted advisors to our clients, delivering our consulting engagements on time and on budget, while striving to continually bring value!


FOX folks are also innovative, creative, forward-thinking professionals, with high values and integrity, and have a personal and professional commitment to work together with our clients, transferring our knowledge to them, so they come back to us because they want to, not because they have to.

Commitment to our Clients

Many consulting firms talk about values, ethics, approach and commitment to their clients.  At FOX GROUP we live and breathe our commitment to our clients on every project by asking for our clients feedback.


At the end of every project, we ask our clients to rank us in 10 specific consulting areas.  We also ask them for their feedback about how we did, what we could do better so that we continue to provide value and not only meet, but exceed our client expectations.  Our clients' suggestions are taken seriously, and are actioned in staff training plans, performance and skills development plans.  We even adapt our analysis and consulting processes and deliverables to consider their feedback.

Ethical Consulting and Business Practices

FOX GROUP strives to be considered objective, ethical, fair, and honest in all our dealings with the telecom/technology vendors, suppliers and any other business relationship on behalf of our clients and our staff.


We run the practice according to the published ethics and guidelines of the York Region Character Council.


"We all believe in the Character Community attributes and work to practice their beliefs in our daily business and personal lives at FOX GROUP," stated Roberta J. Fox, founding member of York Region Business Character Council.


The Character Community Foundation of York Region is based on the 11 Character Attributes chosen by its residents and citizens:


Compassion | Courage | Fairness | Honesty | Inclusiveness | Initiative | Integrity | Optimism | Perseverance | Respect | Responsibility


Approach in our consulting, analysis and vendor management

We each bring decades of technology and management experience to help develop effective strategies, architectures, migration plans, and acquisition practices.


We also bring a unique combination of technology expertise and experience in our respective technology and industry areas, combined with objective consulting processes, practices and approaches.


One of our surprising attributes is that we are also known for being innovative, creative, forward-thinking professionals, with high values and integrity. 

Corporate Objectives, Goals and Values

Our Overall Corporate Objectives

  • Our goal is to deliver high value quality consulting services to our clients.

  • We strive to have successful business relationships with each client and to build trusting long-term successful collaborative relationships.

  • Share with our clients our knowledge, best practices and business methods; and

  • Continue to deliver sustainable value to our clients and their organizations.


Our Goals Working with our Clients

  • To be considered "Trusted Advisors" to our clients while building successful long-term relationships;

  • Be respected for our knowledge, expertise, and contribution to our clients and their organization; and

  • Be respectful of our clients' needs, challenges and corporate cultures, to be able to work within their environment to meet or exceed project objectives.


Our Goals and Values with our Consultants

  • Provide a flexible work environment, and a compensation culture that permits our staff to balance their individual needs with that of our firm and our clients;

  • To recruit and retain from the best experienced individuals who bring deep subject matter knowledge, combined with industry, business and management experience.  They also have a high degree of empathy, judgment, conviction, integrity and independence.  Moreover, they must be selfless in client matters;

  • Perpetually invest in our consultants and staff professional development, and last but not least;

  • To be sought after as a respected place to work, and as a firm that invests in its staff's intellectual and professional development.


Our Goals and Values with Vendors, Suppliers and Business Partners

  • To be considered objective, ethical, fair, and honest in all our dealings with the telecom/technology vendors, suppliers and any other business relationship.

We particularly value the fact that our client vendors even recommend us to other clients based on our experience, structured, professional, fair and objective business practices!
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