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Our Client Testimonials


Below are a few client engagements with our clients comments.  We cannot provide client specific contact details due to their corporate information management policies but be happy to contact them if you would like to connect with them in the future. 


Financial Investment Firm

PBX Replacement, UC Strategy/Design, WAN Network Design, Vendor RFP Design, Analysis, Negotiations and Project Management

Regional Government

Network and Telecom Strategy, Vendor Negotiations, Contact Centre Assessment,

Wireless Vendor Analysis


"Our experience with FOX GROUP was highly positive.  We found them to be a very results-driven, energetic, knowledgeable and client focused organization.  We often felt that they were an extension of our own team; focused on maximizing our success.  They maintained accountability through meticulous management of scope, budget and deliverables.


FOX GROUP excelled in all areas where we asked for their assistance, including:

  • RFP Process Management

  • Vendor Management

  • Telecommunications Technology Expertise

  • Project Tracking and Management

  • Telecommunications Industry and Vendor Solution Expertise

  • Unified Communications Strategy


The fundamental attributes that drove the positive outcome of our engagement was their flexibility to adapt to our requirements, effective management of vendor relationships, critical strategic thinking, thoroughness and dedication to shared success."



Global Professional

Unified Communications Strategy, Vendor Analysis and Benchmarketing 

"As CIO, I hired Roberta and her team multiple times over a 2-year period to assist with IT, telecom and data network initiatives.  Their approach, methodologies and processes were very mature - they found a balance of engagement and thoroughness that kept my team and hers on track.  Their personal engagement, experience and insights were invaluable to our strategies and initiatives." 


PBX Replacement, Contact Centre Requirements, including IT/UC Integration, RFP Design, Analysis, 

Contract Negotiations and Vendor Implementation Assistance

"When our telephony systems and call center technology experienced functional issues, we accelerated its quest to replace it.  FOX GROUP adjusted to our requirements, and deftly oversaw an RFP process and acted as an intermediary between our IT and facilities professionals, and the respective vendors - offering education, analysis and insight every step  of the way.   


FOX GROUP's dedication and resolve to understand how we operate was paramount to our telecom project's success. Roberta and her staff have been professional, insightful, adaptable and provided much need expertise and support throughout the project, all on budget and on time." 

"I had the pleasure of retaining the FOX GROUP (and Roberta Fox) a few times while I served as the Chief Information Technology Officer with the Region.


Her professionalism, great attitude and comprehensive knowledge not only of the telecommunication business but her creative ways of transferring that knowledge to me and my staff was incredible.


She's an absolute powerhouse to work with, things get done better, faster and sometimes at less cost than I expected.  She is a stunning consultant who thinks outside the box with here innovative and fertile mind and has an amazing knack for cutting through the nonsense and getting to the heart of an issue quickly without forgetting about the big picture.


Roberta and her team have an intense focus on results and that is probably the secret to her success, coupled with an amazing gift for building strong business relationships."

Media Crown Corporation

Unified Communications Strategy, VoIP/IT,UC Technical Requirements, RFP Design, Analysis and Procurement and Contract Assistance

"Roberta is an executive level technology professional who has this outstanding ability of turning a business strategic vision into a concrete strategy, architecture, plan and attainable actions.


She successfully engages her clients and her team down to the tactical levels in order to generate exceptional real results. She is a creative and innovative person with a broad knowledge of the telecommunications technologies, vendors and the technology industry, which in concert with her capacity to execute on projects and plans; leads to fast operating results and financial benefits early on.


I have worked with Roberta and been a client of her consulting firm – FOX GROUP on several occasions, and I would consider myself very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with her and her team again." 

Provincial Government Transportation Agency

Unified Communications Strategy, Technical Requirements, RFP Design, Analysis and Procurement  Assistance

"Roberta and her team did consulting for us in developing the detailed VoIP/UC-ICT and contact center specifications documents.


Her team are experts in the telephony field, were up to date with the latest technology, and delivered a highly detailed document on time and on budget."


Community College

Telecommunications Managed Services, Vendor Negotiations 

"Roberta J Fox is a IT/telecom expert and has a tremendous network with the telecom tech industry in North America.


We have engaged her in our Managed Services strategy and contract negotiation, and her advice was valuable in our due diligence process to ensure a successful managed service implementation project."

National Business Publishing

ICT/UC/VoIP Strategy, Technical, Financial Investment and Future IT Operational Requirements

"I found Fox Group a pleasure to work with.  They were flexible with the statement of work and were happy to remove or add items but ensuring that we knew the areas that were important and that we should leave as is in order for us to have a successful engagement and get the information we required.


Their tools are invaluable.  In particular the technical work book, the telecom survey and the spreadsheets they use to gather information from the vendors that ensure that it is a level playing field and that the vendors provide all the relevant information.


They clearly have years of experience not only in this extremely complex environment of Unified Communications but also with traditional telephony and networks.  It’s obvious that they keep up to date with the changing landscape.

FOX Client Profiles

Our clients are enterprise, government, insurance, financial services, entertainment and new media organizations.  They range from a few hundred people in one location to tens of thousands with distributed, global multi-national companies, whether in Canada, the US or international global, distributed organizations.


They all share common characteristics:

  • Multiple locations using many types of communications hardware, software, services and vendors;

  • Legacy technology environments and don't know who or what to believe;

  • Lack of current IT and telecommunications expertise;

  • Not sure about what they need in the future, or how to get there;

  • Challenges with vendors and struggle to keep up with the technology trends, services and vendor; and last and most important; and 

  • Staff that are too busy running the day to day operations to keep up to date with latest technologies, let alone have the skills, knowledge or expertise to help move to new technologies or vendors.


Our clients are communications dependent organizations that require reliable solutions, top notch day-to-day vendor support, all at the best prices.  Most of them generally don't have the capacity, skills, expertise and experience they need to develop future technology strategies or have the ability to navigate through the changing communications landscape and vendors. 


We bring our expertise, processes, reputation and collective buying power to get them the attention, support and deals that fit their future requirements.  One of our clients coined this capability as "Fear of Fox," abbreviated as "FoF."  


We have even had them send us an email with the topic line like "kick in "Fear of Foxto get vendor "X" supporting us back on track or help us replace them asap!"


We believe in working "with" the suppliers and Clients together to ensure that they have the right people, products and support to make sure they can all succeed.


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