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Please click the button and fill out the details below to receive your complimentary FOX FLASH enewsletter, a monthly e-zine which provides readers with a concise summary of the top news, trends and issues affecting North American business and industry in an easy-to-read executive summary.


Note re: 9-1-1 If you specifically want to only receive information on our NG9-1-1 news, whitepapers and upcoming webinars, please put '9-1-1 only' in the subject, OR you can send an email to


What the News Means - Included in each issue are our opinions on what the news means to the North American technology industry and its customers, whether small, medium or large.


Top Tech Trends - Each issue has at least one feature article that provides senior business leaders with technology trends, developments and considerations in clear, concise business language.


Our Readers - Customers and vendors of small, medium and large companies, government and non-profit organizations. Also include leading Canadian, US and international customers and suppliers of IT, telecom, networking and call centre solutions. Our articles are read by over 100,000 readers each month, including re-distribution and forwarding.


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FOX GROUP Information Policy:  Our privacy and anti-spam policy - We will not knowingly give your e-mail, mailing or other contact details to any other party, unless authorized by our readers or if required to do so by a Court of Law.


You can manage your own subscription by choosing to unsubscribe which disables our ability to send unwanted emails to the unsubscribed address.


If you prefer not to provide your email address to us, you will be able to read the FOX FLASH once it is posted on our web site in the future.


The e-newsletter company we use for the FOX FLASH distribution, iContact, abides by the United States CAN SPAM Act, effective January 1, 2004.  We are required to authorize and commit that we agree with their policies prior to the distribution of each issue of our e-newsletters.


As a FOX FLASH reader, you will receive regular issues and any extra issues that may be published to respond to urgent technology or industry issues that we believe will impact our readers.


We commit to limit the additional email updates to no more than four e-mails per year announcing other offers or services for our readers.


Conditions of use:  Roberta Fox Group Inc.and affiliated subsidiaries make no representation, warranty or accepts liability for any reason related to accuracy, completeness, adequacy or functionality (related to url links and appropriate content).


The information, data and sources listed on this publication have been obtained from sources we believe are reliable, accurate and functioning.


Opinions expressed are based on our experience, knowledge and interpretation of available information and may be subject to change and/or deletion from archives.


If expert advice on any subject matter, topic or contact is required, the services of an applicable competent professional should be obtained.

Please note that these articles are provided for education purposes, and are not to be re-produced, distributed or otherwise used without permission of the Editor-in-Chief and Publisher Roberta Fox.


Code of Ethics:  FOX GROUP abides by the beliefs and code of conduct of the York Region Business Character Council.

If further information is required about our Information Management or Ethics, contact our Security and Governance Officer, or call his direct number at 289.648.1982.

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