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Top Tips for Being a Successful Mobile and Remote Worker

Originally written in 1986, Updated due to COVID-19:  


These tops tips can be applied to temporary measures where many people are now required to work at home.  

Being a successful mobile worker takes much more than just good technology skills.  From years of experience working from many types of locations, including our home offices, we have developed a list of the top skills, knowledge and tips required to be a successful mobile and remote worker.


Well versed in verbal communication skills

In order to dictate effective voice mails, disregarding your mobile device or location, it is important to leave a concise message that clearly communicates your main points, provides the best call-back details, and is respectful of your caller’s time. 

Real Time Texting in NG9-1-1 - How is it different?

What is happening to 911 to enable texting?

On June 1, 2017, the Canadian Regulatory Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) issued Telecom Regulatory Policy CRTC 2017-182 which defined how the industry would be modernizing the 9-1-1 networks to meet the public safety needs of Canadians by implementing Next Generation 9-1-1 (Referred to as NG9-1-1).

Within this regulatory policy, the CRTC determined that real-time text-based NG9-1-1 Text Messaging will be the second method of communication to be supported on the NG9-1-1 networks. (Referred to as RTT).


The CRTC directed  mobile wireless service providers (MSPs)  to provide RTT-based NG9-1-1 Text Messaging throughout their operating territories by 31 December 2020.  The availability of this service will be dependent upon the ability of the Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs’) to answer the real-time text calls and the ability of users’ handsets initiate Real-Time Text sessions.


To be clear, the CRTC regulates the telecommunications network, but not the individual PSAPs.  Over the next 11 months, the telecom service providers will be upgrading their networks to accommodate RTT.

NG9-1-1 Coming to Canada

911 Tech Advisors, a div. of FOX GROUP Technology has been selected to help an Ontario-based regional police group develop their NG9-1-1 strategy and procurement approach.   

As the leading NG9-1-1 communications technology consultants and advisors in Canada, our experienced senior management technology professionals provide support and expertise to PSAP organizations.  Our services include developing the NG9-1-1 strategy, migration, design, procurement support. 


We can also provide project oversight to ensure that the numerous communications technology elements required to provide next generation are successfully deployed. 

For Additional Information Contact: 

Roberta Fox, E: | 289.648.1981

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Experienced Senior Digital Technology Advisors
who provide objective insight and analysis leveraging
our real world experience, tools, methods and technologies
that we use every day! 

Innovation and Technology Strategy


We work with business and IT leaders to develop next generation communications technology strategies to improve business results

ePROcurement  RFPs Automated Communications Oriented Technology Acquisitions

Using our proprietary RFP technical and financial applications, we help you acquire the right solution from the right vendors, aligned to your future business requirements

Our Clients Comment
Why choose FOX GROUP?
  • Objective, honest and professional, ethical consultants who strive to deliver value for all of our clients with a track record of on-time, on budgets that stand the test of time!


  • Average $10-30M per year in technology spend influence for data, voice, video, UC, contact center products and services


  • Decades of real-world experience designing and managing voice, data and contact center technology environments.


  • Long standing senior level relationships to all leading vendors, product development strategies and future directions. 


  • We invest significant amounts of time and effort to keep all of our FOX professionals up to date and current on all of the leading vendor services, offers and benchmark pricing. 


  • Structured, mature procurement RFP methodologies, tools and templates with technical and financial analysis expertise to work with our clients to help them select the right vendors to deliver positive business results


  • 30+ years helping distributed technology dependent organizations acquire, deploy and manage communications technology projects


  • Culture of total FOX team to provide objective, ethical consulting and develop and sustain successful relationships with everyone we work with! 


FOX GROUP in the Community

FOX GROUP is a proud member of various professional, business and community organizations listed here.


We believe it is important to not only be involved in industry, technology and business associations to keep up-to-date, but that it is also important to give back to the local communities and charities in which we live and work.

Corporate and Community Charities
Committed Volunteers in community, church and non-profits working together for the betterment of Thorndale

I Love Thorndale unites the numerous community organizations and business to provide an amazing community to live, work and play! 


We are proud to be a business member of ILT!

CSPS Bilingual logo.jpg

CSPS provide 7 x 24 voice suicide prevention and support to the people of Canada. They also provide text support 4 p.m to 1 a.m. and will provide chat in the future as funding increases.  

We are proud to have helped design and deploy this award winning world's first voice, text and chat national suicide helpline to help the people of Canada!

Professional and Business Association Membership



North American Emergency Number Association

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Association of Public Safety Communications Officials Canada

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Multiple NG9-1-1 Emergency Services Working Group Committee Members

Municipal Information Systems Association

Proud founding members of Character Community for Business

York Region Character Council 

CITIG Logo.png

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