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We protect your technology investments from the cloud storms

IT Procurement Services, RFP Design, Vendor Analysis & Negotiations

We work with our clients to help them with their future business and technology requirements in order to select and work with the appropriate vendors geared to their requirements, culture and values.


This includes a variety of offers:

  • Future business requirements definitions related to type of vendor, service approaches, support structure, i.e. outsourced, managed, cloud, etc.

  • Future technology needs and possible vendors, whether manufacturers, carriers, value added resellers, managed service providers, etc.

  • Vendor/Bid approach, i.e. open or closed bid, RFI/Q or P, Electronic or invited, to determine the appropriate bid management and analysis requirements for our clients.

  • Detailed requirements, specifications, quantities and detailed designs (even detailed design diagrams, if required).

  • RFP creation and analysis, including automated bid approach using FOX GROUP proprietary RFP templates, analysis tools and methods.

  • Vendor bid management including technical and financial validation, pricing benchmarking and even contract negotiations.




Technology Strategy, 

 Benchmarking, Architecture & Design

We analyze current and future business strategies to develop your future management technology requirements.


We identify, analyze and help answer the following questions:


Technology Strategic Direction

  • What future IT, telecommunications, unified communications, network and call centre technology is best  for your company?

  • Who should you purchase or lease the technology from?


Financial Requirements

  • How much will it cost to buy, install, manage and maintain?

  • What is your required total cost of ownership and return on investment criteria to ensure your firm gets the vendor's promised ROI from your technology investments?


Human Factors

  • What are the skills sets required to install and support the future technology solutions?


Vendor Performance and Contract    Management


  • What future performance methods and processes will be required to ensure that our customers get optimum functionality and results from their technology investments, and that everything actually works together as promised from the selected vendors?


Smart Building, City Architecture & Design

It is an increasingly digital world and consumers are demanding consistent
high-speed internet services and access to web-enabled applications. This is only going to grow as the internet of things comes online.  


Whether you are looking to deliver cutting-edge technology for competitive advantage, improve the quality of life for your residents, upgrade and expand your services or simply manage and lower your costs - the FOX GROUP Advisory Services can assist. 


Who can we help? 

  • Governments, Municipalities & City Management

  • Property Management Companies

  • Condo Boards 

  • Apartment building owners 


Moving to Smart  Buildings

  • ​Creates a higher demand; attract innovative people and professionals in search of a better quality of life 

  • Broadens the target market demographics

  • Provides a sustainable future in an ever-more connected world

  • Opportunity to sell/rent units at an increased value 


Multiple FOX professionals have been involved in consulting, design and installations for smart communities and buildings since 1982.


They have spoken at numerous government municipal industry events on next generation cities, house, communities and automation.


Technology Vendor Management

Managing acquisitions and implementations of vendor technology installations is becoming more difficult and time consuming.


With the advancement of technologies including unified communications, it is getting even more difficult!


​Successful technology installations take a combination of IT, telecom, network and vendor management skills that most organizations either don't have, or don't have enough resources internally to take on "one more project."


We have been designing, implementing and managing complex technology solutions for over 25 years, using our structured, disciplined project management techniques. 


We bring current technical knowledge from our in-house use of next generation communications solutions as well as best practices from other clients.


All the while, we work beside your procurement, financial, customer service and technology staff leveraging our experience and tools, transferring knowledge to deliver successful results.


We leverage our structured project management, procurement and processes, automated RFP analysis tools, vendor relationships and experience so that the acquisition and implementation projects are successful for all parties and the expected results are achieved.

Benefits of working with FOX GROUP


  • Savings - We generally save many times our fees on larger projects from our technology knowledge, our ability to compare and leverage price knowledge and our vendor negotiations expertise. This combination helps us ensure our client projects are installed successfully on time and on budget, every time.


  • Technology solutions that will work as the vendors promised


  • Supported and managed by the right vendor and internal IT organization


Give us a call or send us an email to discuss how we can work with your organization to help ensure that your technology investments deliver positive results, now and in the future.


To contact us:   Email:   Call: 1.289.648.1981  

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