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FOX GROUP Media Supplier Directory

Important Note to FOX GROUP Publishing Readers: The vendors below pay an advertising fee or provide contra services to be included in this FOX GROUP Supplier Directory. These fees help offset some of the time and effort to put together the Technology Dispatch publication, which enables us to continue to provide the articles and research FREE to our readers.


Please mention that you read about them in a FOX GROUP publication. Who knows, maybe they will even increase your discount or offer some other incentives for your next technology purchase!

The IVR Voice

Allison Smith is an internationally recognized professional voice talent, specializing in voicing telephone systems.


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Allison Smith voices, engineers, and produces a huge number of voice applications you hear every day – IVR systems (Verizon, Cingular, Sprint, Vonage, Bell Canada), commercials (radio, TV, and internet), in-store announcements, surveys, call center prompts, documentary narration, kiosk self-serve prompts, talking toys, animation voice overs – virtually any voice application you can think of – Allison has done it…and can do it for your company.


9-1-1 Tech Advisors

Helping Organizations Design and Acquire Next Generation Voice, Text, Video Technology Solutions that Improve 9-1-1 Response Times and Save Lives!



We are a team of experienced, objective technology and procurement experts who help organizations design, acquire and implement next generation 9-1-1 communications technology solutions.  


We help ensure that vendors and solutions chosen will successfully integrate into the various GIS, relationship and customer relationship management and public safety applications.  

IT Cloud Advisors

Provide convenient, fast, expert computer, telephone, network and internet services to small business. 


We provide convenient on-site, fast, expert computer and connectivity installation, support and training services.


No job is too small.  We cater to farms, retail, small home offices.  We come to your your convenience, or can log in and help choose!


Serving Thorndale, Lucan, St. Marys, Glencoe, Dorchester, Stratford and surrounding areas.  


Important Legal Notice to FOX GROUP Readers:


Vendors pay an advertising fee to be included in our various publications, including our web site supplier directory and our on-line e-zine TECHNOLOGY DISPATCH.


These fees help offset some of the time and effort to put together the monthly TECHNOLOGY DISPATCH e-newsletter and the FOX FLASH Blog, and enable us to continue to provide free subscriptions to our readers. See further details in our Legal Notice below.


Please note that being listed in this directory, or any FOX GROUP digital property does not imply an endorsement by FOX GROUP. We operate our practice according to the Community of Telecommunications Consultants (CTC), and the York Region Character Business Council.


This information is provided to Canadian business, government, education and health care providers for information/education purposes only. Information presented is compiled from sources listed presumed to be accurate.


FOX GROUP assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions. The information provided in the FOX GROUP publications, web site or other media properties are not intended to replace or substitute for business, legal or financial advice.

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