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FOX GROUP ePROcurement RFP Templates & Technology Analysis Tools 


Our ePROcurement extensive library of communications technology RFP Templates and supporting 3D web-based tools and analysis support services empowers customers with the ability to optimize resources and auditability, streamline and speed up the acquisition process, and gain control, while reducing time, risks and costs. 

Why FOX Technology ePRO?

Our mature RFP library of Telecom, network, 

contact centre and 9-1-1 templates combined with our mature methodology, applications and decades of complex technology acquisitions experience ensures you select the right technology and vendor at the best prices!  


We ensure you pick the right technology from the right vendor at the right price to ensure you succeed in your technology procurement journey!

Special Offer


Complimentary 15-minute virtual “Fireside Chat” including the option to have a 15-minute demo of our web-based UC analysis and procurement tools, and to discuss how we can help ensure your business or technology procurement projects are a success.


Contact us to schedule a session.

FOX GROUP ePROcurement
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